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Services for Veterans

By law, PA CareerLink® sites give priority to qualified veterans through administration of the Veterans Program.

The Veterans Program provides a full range of employment services to assist veterans in their search for work. Specially trained veteran employment representatives located in PA CareerLink® offices provide veterans with a full range of employment services, including referral services, job development, referral to training, and referral to government and community veteran service agencies. These representatives help veterans match their job skills to employer job openings and contact employers on behalf of the veteran for consideration in hiring.

The program places special emphasis on helping disabled veterans secure employment opportunities. Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialists are located at the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Veterans Administration Regional Offices (VARO) to expedite the placement of veterans who have completed training under the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Program.

Special attention is also given to those veterans who are leaving the military. The Transition Assistance Programs (TAP) located at Carlisle Barracks, is designed to assist these veterans with preparing to enter the labor market. TAP consists of workshops where attendees learn how to conduct job searches and prepare resumes and cover letters, and participate in mock interviews. Current labor market information is provided, as well as an evaluation of employability relative to the job market. Veterans’ benefits are also covered.

For more information, visit PA CareerLink® online, or call (866) 858-2753 to find the location nearest you.

Pennsylvania Veterans Registry

The Pennsylvania Veterans Registry provides veterans with information about benefits, programs, and services that are available to them. The registry allows the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to achieve a higher level of communication and outreach to veterans, their family members, and the people who work with them. Please take a moment to register at