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Medical Fee Review Hearings

The regulations relating to Workers Compensation Act 44 and Act 57 provide medical providers and employers/insurers with the opportunity to appeal an adverse administrative determination of an application for fee review by the Health Care Services Division of the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to a fee review hearing officer.

WCOA has two Fee Review Hearing Officers specially appointed through the Office of Adjudication.

Derrick Coker
110 North Eighth Street, Suite 401
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Barry Keller
1010 North 7th Street, Suite 315
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: 717-425-7758
Fax: 717-772-0341

Request for Hearings to Contest Fee Review Determinations (appeals) to the fee review hearing officers should be filed in WCAIS or the Request for Hearing to Contest Fee Review Determination, form LIBC-606 form may be printed and mailed to:

Fee Review Hearing Office
1010 North Seventh Street
Room 315
Harrisburg, PA 17102-1400

Please note: your request must include the required proof of service, as specified by 34 Pa. Code Section 127.257(c).

Once received, the requests for a hearing will be assigned to one of the hearing officers, and the parties will receive a Notice of Assignment indicating which hearing officer will be hearing the appeal.

The following links are to questionnaires completed by fee review hearing officers. They address procedural questions the parties frequently encounter in trying fee review cases.

General questions concerning fee review appeals should be directed to the fee review hearing office at (717) 425-7758.