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Procedures for Completing an Application for Fee Review

Commonly Asked Questions


The medical cost containment measures capped medical fees at 113 percent of the Medicare reimbursement applicable as of December 31, 1994, for comparable services rendered. These rates are adjusted annually by the percentage change in the statewide average weekly wage. Other fee schedule adjustments may also be made to recognize Medicare code changes and geographic provisions.
If no Medicare payment mechanism exists for a particular treatment, accommodation, product or service, the amount of the payment made to a health care provider is 80 percent of either the usual and customary charge in the geographic area where rendered, or the actual charge, whichever is lower.
The information below will help health care providers to complete a fee review application.

Q. How do I know whether to file for amount, timeliness, or both?

  • If you have been paid correctly, but your payment was received late, check the TIMELINESS box.
  • If your bill was not paid in accordance with the workers' compensation medical fee schedule, check the AMOUNT box.
  • If your payment is late and you disagree with the payment, check the BOTH box.
  • If you were not paid at all, you may file for timeliness, amount, or both.

Q. How do I know whether I received a timely payment?

  • If you have not received payment from the correct party within 33 days of the date you properly billed the insurer, payment may be untimely. (30 days + 3 days' mail time = 33 days).

Q. What must I include with my completed application for fee review?

  • It is your responsibility to provide a copy of any and all documentation you sent to the insurer for the treatment you are requesting to be reviewed.
  • The completed LIBC-9, Medical Report Form that was forwarded to the insurer or self-insured employer. Without evidence of an LIBC-9, the fee review application may be considered incomplete and will effect application’s outcome.
  • Copies or reprints of all original bills pertaining to the date(s) of service. In accordance with Commonwealth Court decisions, the date on the bill of the bill form is to be utilized as the bill date for the purposes of fee review. Make sure the date on the copy used for fee review has the same date as the original bill sent to the payer.
  • Office notes, etc., supporting documentation of services rendered.
  • Properly coded bills on UB-04 or CMS forms.
  • If submitting a UB-04, provide a copy of the itemized bill or statement as submitted to insurer, including associated charges to the respective revenue codes for your facility.
  • Explanation of Review (EOR) or denial, which must coincide with CMS date of service, if available.

Q. How do I get copies of the forms I need?

  • The LIBC-9 Medical Report form can be found at LIBC-9 int.pdf

  • Workers’ Compensation has an online system for submission of the electronic version of the LIBC-507 Application for Fee Review at

  • The bureau does not provide CMS 1500 or UB-04 bill form templates.

Q. What can I do to avoid having my application rejected and returned to me?

The Workers’ Compensation Automation and Integration System (WCAIS) prevents most technical filing errors through its online filing process.
  • Make sure the fee review only contains information for one injured worker and one provider. Make sure to redact information relating to other workers from EOBs submitted with the application.
  • The proper party must be billed as stated in §127.203(a) (relating to Medical Bills) prior to filing a fee review.
  • Make sure at least 30 days have passed from the date the insurer was billed prior to filing.
  • Ensure all required documents are submitted and accurately reflect the original billing submission to the insurer, including the bill date on the bill form and the report date on the LIBC-9.

Q. When should I NOT file an Application for Fee Review?

  • Do not file if services were not provided by a health care provider.
  • Do not file if you have not billed the proper party.
  • Do not file if the patient's workers' compensation claim is not a Pennsylvania claim, but is a claim which is pending with another state or under a federal workers' compensation program.
  • Do not file if payment for the billed services is subject to the outcome of a pending utilization review.
  • Do not file if you are not the provider, professional or an agent acting on their behalf/at their direction. The right to file a fee review may not be assigned.

Q. What are the time limitations for filing an Application for Fee Review?

  • Do not file until at least 33 days have passed since you first sent the bill to the self-insured employer/insurer.
  • The application must be filed within 30 days following notification of a disputed treatment or 90 days from the provider's original date of billing, whichever is later.

Q. How are applications resolved by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation?

  • When a provider has filed all required documentation and is entitled to a decision on the merits, the bureau will render an administrative decision and will forward it to all parties.

Q. What are my appeal rights?

  • If you disagree with the administrative decision rendered by the bureau, you are entitled to appeal within 30 days of the decision by requesting a hearing before an Office of Adjudication hearing officer. Further appeals may be made to Commonwealth Court.
  • Information on how to exercise your appeal rights is included in the fee review administrative decision correspondence. For questions about a fee review appeal, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Adjudication should be contacted rather than the bureau. Appeal related questions may be submitted via a WCAIS Customer Service Request or directed to directed to or 844-237-6316.

Q. What if I wish to withdraw my application?

  • Log into WCAIS and select the fee review you want to withdraw. From the summary screen, select Withdraw from the Action drop-down, and then click the Continue button. Upon clicking Confirm, WCAIS will automatically generate notice of the withdrawal to the interested parties.

Q. What if I have additional questions?

  • If you have any questions regarding the fee review filing procedures, please contact the Fee Review Section at RA-LI-BWC-HCSRD, create a Customer Service request directly in WCAIS, or provide your inquiry details and contact information at 717-772-1900.
§306(f.1)(5) of the Workers' Compensation Act. Your application will be returned and your request for review may not be considered until all requested documentation is provided per 34 Pa. Code, §127.252(b) and §127.253.
The bureau approved online 507 is found by logging into WCAIS and selecting the file a fee review option. Uploads in WCAIS of the documents required for fee review must be in a pdf format.
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