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Model Voir Dire for Qualifying a Non-Certified
Foreign Language Interpreter

At minimum, the tribunal should ask the following questions of a proposed non-certified interpreter:
  1. Do you have any particular training or credentials as an interpreter?
  2. What is your native language?
  3. How did you learn English?
  4. How did you learn [the foreign language]?
  5. What was the highest grade or degree you completed in school?
  6. Did you formally study either language at school?
  7. Have you spent any time in a foreign country speaking the language of the person requiring interpretation?
  8. Have you spoken with the person requiring your services? Were there any communication problems between you?
  9. How many times have you interpreted in any court or administrative hearing?
  10. Have you interpreted for this type of hearing or trial before?
  11. Do you know the applicable legal terms in both languages?
  12. Are you familiar with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Interpreters? Please explain some of its main points.
  13. Are you a potential witness or party in this case?
  14. Do you know or have you worked for any of the attorneys, parties or witnesses in this case?
  15. Do you have any other potential conflict of interest with this case?
  16. Can you interpret simultaneously, consecutively, and accurately without omitting, adding or changing anything that is said?
  17. Have you ever been disqualified from interpreting in any court or administrative proceeding?
  18. Do you know of any reason why you can’t, or should not serve as the interpreter in this case?