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Interpreter’s Oath For Administrative Proceedings

The following oath should be administered to all interpreters before the start of all proceedings. When swearing in non-certified interpreters, the presiding officer should ascertain the competency of the interpreters and their familiarity with the code of ethics and professional conduct by conducting a qualifying voir dire at the start of the hearing.
At the discretion of the individual agency, staff interpreters can be sworn once at the start of their tenure and subsequently presiding officers need only refer to the fact that all staff interpreters are under continuous oath and their credentials and qualifications have been previously established and are by reference incorporated into the record.


Do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will make an accurate, complete and impartial interpretation from the English language into (target language) and vice-versa, of all communications during this proceeding using your best skill, judgment and ability and that you will abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for administrative and judiciary interpreters, [if applicable in case of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing: and the RID Code of Professional Conduct] and so you do swear or affirm?