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Interpreter Law Checklists

Interpreter Checklist
The following suggestions are offered for certified or otherwise qualified interpreters used in agency proceedings.
  • Arrive at the designated location early and check in with the appropriate person.
  • Review in advance all hearing documents or exhibits provided to you by the presiding officer that may be translated or described during the hearing.
  • Meet with the attorneys and their client(s).
  • Explain to the attorneys what is being said, and in the presence of the attorneys, speak with the client to confirm the ability to communicate and to explain the neutral role of an interpreter.
  • Identify regionalism, slang or technical language that may be used in the proceeding.
  • Be prepared to interrupt proceedings, if necessary, to ask the presiding officer for permission to have questions or answers repeated, use a dictionary or other aid.
  • Be familiar with the Code of Professional Conduct for interpreters.