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Accident Investigation

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Even the best safety inspection cannot guarantee your workplace to be 100% accident free. So, when accidents do occur, it is essential that an accident investigation procedure be in place and staff properly trained to prevent the same incident from reoccurring. 

Accident (incident) Investigation - An organized process using written procedures that are applied every time an accident occurs regardless of its severity.

The purpose of the accident investigation is to determine the direct cause of the incident and to prevent similar occurrences by documenting facts, providing cost data, and reinforcing the joint labor-management commitment to safety in the workplace. Identifying the causal or contributing factors in a workplace accident provides the opportunity for these facts to be evaluated in order that corrective actions may be taken.


Appendix F: Questions to Ask (PDF)

General steps to follow in an Accident Investigation:

  • Be prepared

  • Survey the scene

  • Emergency response for the injured

  • Secure the area

  • Gather the evidence - photos, interviews

  • Analyze the information - write a report

  • Recommend changes - implement corrective action

  • Follow-up


Appendix G: Accident Investigation Tips (PDF)

Appendix H: Accident Investigation Procedures (PDF)

Appendix I: Internal Accident Investigation Form (PDF)

Appendix J: Educational Safety Inspection/Accident Investigation (PDF)