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Dealing With Terrorism

This website provides links to information for all Pennsylvanians on preparing for and dealing with incidents of terrorism.
State Government has made the safety and security of Pennsylvania's families and communities a top priority. We have moved swiftly to build on the Commonwealth’s anti-terrorism initiative and increase its overall state of readiness. To that end, Pennsylvania has launched its own Homeland Security website.
The Pennsylvania Homeland Security Site provides the most current information relating to health and environmental issues, answers frequently asked questions, and links you directly to state and federal agencies coordinating Pennsylvania’s emergency response and preparedness activities.
The Department of General Services has developed an Anti-Terrorism Information website for use by all state employees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It provides information on how to be prepared for terrorist threats and the actions that should be taken when dealing with a terrorist act. Of interest to the general public are the following links:

Mail Handling Procedures

Fact Sheets and Information on Health Effects of Bio-terrorism

General Links