2016 Governor's Award for Safety Excellence (GASE) Winners

Global Advanced Metals

Global Advanced Metals staff with Secretary Manderino 

Global Advanced Metals is a worldwide company with locations in Australia, Japan and the United States and is fully integrated from mining to the finished product. The Boyertown, Pa. location has been in place for 66 years and consists of three different plants: chemical, powder and mill, with two of the three plants working seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Global Advanced Metals has had no injuries within 518 days, as of Aug. 8, and in 2015 had only two OSHA recordable injuries. In the past most of the injuries incurred by workers or contractor personnel involved hands and musculoskeletal issues, however a concentrated effort was placed on eliminating these injuries and within the past three years, these types of injuries have dropped to almost zero.

G.R. Noto Electrical Construction, Inc.

G R Noto Electrical staff with Secretary Manderino 

G.R. Noto Electrical Construction is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1969. The current facility was built in 1997 and is situated adjacent to the Electrical Union training center. All electricians work through a five-year apprenticeship as part of their contract with G.R. Noto. All first year apprentices must complete the OSHA 300. All employees are NFPA 760E trained.

G. R. Noto Electrical Construction has not had a lost time injury since 2011. The Experience Modification Factor has decreased from 1.001 to 0.669 since 2012. The typical injuries experienced by the company are material handling and soft tissue. The company has focused on both of these injury types in order to reduce incidents.

Lycoming Engines

Lycoming Engines staff with Secretary Manderino 

Lycoming Engines, part of the Textron Corporation, has 34,000 employees worldwide. The Williamsport, Pa. location has 415 employees. Lycoming Engines has been in business since 1929, originally manufacturing sewing machines and bicycles. The company eventually began producing aircraft engines. One of their engines was used in the first recorded helicopter flight. The Williamsport plant has produced over 300,000 engines, sustaining a 65 percent market share.

The company maintains four dedicated safety professionals at the Williamsport location, and a safety committee consisting of 10 employees, five bargaining unit representatives and five management representatives. Lycoming Engines currently has 1.6+ million hours worked without a lost time injury.

Met Ed, a First Energy Company

MedEd staff with Secretary Manderino 

Metropolitan Edison is an electric utility that has been part of FirstEnergy Corporation since 2011. Met Ed employees install and repair overhead electrical lines, install and read meters, dig and work in trenches to reach/repair underground electrical lines, and trouble-shoot electrical problems in substations. Employees can be exposed to electricity from 110-10,000 volts and therefore must be aware of and constantly practice personal safety.

The Abbotstown location is the headquarters for Metropolitan Edison, with other locations in Hanover, Gettysburg, Dillsburg, Lebanon, York, Stroudsburg, Hamburg, Bethel, Boyertown and Easton. There are daily safety discussions at each location, as well as safety information on the organization’s Sharepoint system, which all employees can access. Weekly “safety huddles” allow for employees to discuss safety issues. All new employee orientations include “safety and human performance” highlights, as well as safety practices and procedures.

West Penn Power, a FirstEnergy Company

West Penn Power staff with Secretary Manderino 

West Penn Power is an electrical utility company that serves 24 counties, with six regional offices, 80 substations, 220 Linemen, 130 meter readers, 30 fleet mechanics, clerical and administrative staff. The company is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

In 2015, West Penn Power implemented a Strategic Safety Plan, focusing on employees going home safely by developing a disciplined culture that ‘engages, enables, and recognizes.’ All employees receive an Accident Prevention Handbook, and an orientation process that emphasizes the safety culture. The company had worked 2,548,600 hours without a lost time incident, as of Aug. 2, and had only two reportable incidents in 2016.