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Secretaries of L&I


Lewis G. Hines

Photo of Lewis G. Hines

Lewis G. Hines is a native of Pennsylvania, born June 11, 1888, and educated in the public schools. He was a member of the Metal Polishers International Union for 27 years and their General Representative for six years. Hines served as Director of U.S. Employment Service for two years; Labor Member of National Rifle Association (NRA) State Board of Adjustment for two years; Department of Labor and Industry Bureau of Mediation for two years; Assistant to President William Green, AFL; and Chairman of Division Committee of Republican Party.

Hines was by trade a metal polisher, buffer and electro-plater. During WWI he was employed in his trade at essential industry under the direction of the Draft Board. He was active in labor circles, civic groups and advisory committees including, Odd Fellows, Eagles, Moose, and Masons.

He was appointed Secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry on January 17, 1939, by Governor Arthur Horace James.

From PA Manual, 1941.