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John R. Torquato

Photo of John R. Torquato
John R. Torquato was born on February 20, 1908, in Windber, Pennsylvania. He attended St. Francis College, where he was an outstanding athlete, particularly in football. He served as vice president of the Windber Construction Company, Inc., from 1934-1953. He also served as a subdistrict manager for the Home-Owners Loan Corporation in central Pennsylvania; and secretary of the Workmen’s Compensation Board during Governor George H. Earle's administration.
In 1944 he was assistant director of investigations under Democratic State Treasurer Ramsey S. Black. He also served in the following capacities: as First Vice President of the Young Democrats of Pennsylvania from 1936-1940; as Chief County Probation Officer for Cambria County; as Democratic Chairman in Cambria county in 1942; as an associate member of the National Advisory Council of the Democratic Party; as a member of the International Labor Committee of the International Association of Government Labor Officials; and as Director of the Pennsylvania Junior Republic Association in Grove City, Pennsylvania.
Governor George M. Leader appointed him Secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry on January 18, 1955.
From PA Manual, 1955-56.