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John K. Tabor

Photo of John K. Tabor

John K. Tabor was born on April 19, 1921, in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1942; from Cambridge University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1947 and a Master of Arts in 1952; and from Harvard with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1950.

He served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1942-1946 as commander of Fleet Minesweeper in the Pacific Theater. He was a member of the Allegheny county and Pennsylvania Bar Associations; a member of the IAGLO; Chairman of the Capitol Hill United Fund; Pennsylvania Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce (now the Department of Community and Economic Development) in 1963 and 1967; and he served as Pennsylvania Secretary of Internal Affairs in 1967-1968. During his public service, Tabor administered Pennsylvania's role in key programs of Appalachia, mass-transit, urban renewal, anti-poverty, tourist development, manpower coordination, and federal program coordination.

Governor Raymond Shafer appointed him Secretary of the Department of Labor and Industry on June 3, 1968. He left the office of Secretary of Labor and Industry to run for mayor of Pittsburgh.

From PA Manual, 1969.