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Labor and Industry
Parents' Association Handbook


The purpose of this Handbook is to explain in detail the role of the Parents' Association in the operation of the Labor & Industry Child Care Center. This Handbook also explains your role and your obligations as a member of the Association and includes the By-Laws under which the Association is governed. You are part of an organization trying to provide the best kind of care for children enrolled in the center. The only way this can happen is through your input and active participation.
This handbook is NOT to be a substitute for information provided to you by Hildebrandt Learning Centers, which is responsible for the actual day-to-day care of the children. The information in this Handbook is intended to complement that of the provider in order to ensure a high quality well- balanced environment for the children.

Governor's Model Child Care Program

This program was established in 1988 to provide affordable, quality child care in worksite settings for Commonwealth employees and to serve as a model that could be adopted by the private sector. The center in the Labor and Industry Building was the first to open under this model program. It is designed to provide care for children ages 4 months to 5 years.
The model program is operated on a partnership basis. The Commonwealth, via the Department of Labor & Industry, provides and maintains the space for the center. Participating parents and other employees from the Labor & Industry Parents' Association select and contract with a provider to operate the center. Employees enrolling their children in the center are responsible for the tuition, which is paid directly to the provider. At least one parent of a child enrolled in the Labor & Industry (L&I) Child Care Center is required to join the Parents' Association. Any other interested state employee is welcome to join the Association by completing a membership application and paying the $25 annual dues.