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Labor and Industry
Parents' Association Handbook

Communicating with Provider


The Association's Board of Directors meets regularly with the Provider to provide a direct line of communications between the two organizations. These meetings are held as part of the Board's regular meeting the second Wednesday of each month. At these meetings, the Board and the provider discuss items pertinent to the center's operation.


The child care program at Labor & Industry is not the sole responsibility of the state or the child day care provider but is your responsibility as a member and/or parent. If we are to provide quality and affordable care we must ALL work together. Costs can be kept down and quality equipment and toys provided if we all help in the raising of funds. Quality care will only be provided if we are involved in monitoring the center and reporting or resolving problems. This means parents need to take time to talk to the caregivers and the director to not only resolve problems or make suggestions but to show their appreciation for the good experiences their children have in the center. Our child care center will only be as good as we make it.