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Labor and Industry
Parents' Association Handbook

Board of Directors

September 2014 through September 2015
President Danielle Hauer
Vice-President Shelli Long
Secretary Kristine Aldridge
Treasurer Ariel O'Neill
At-Large Erica Nal
  Stacy O'Neill
  Crystal Freeman
The Board of Directors consists of four Executive Officers and three At-large Members. The Board Members are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting, held the third Wednesday of September, and serve for a one-year period. The Board meets the second Wednesday of the month to manage the business and affairs of the Association. It appoints members to standing and select committees, approves committee recommendations, authorizes the expenditures of the Association funds, resolves problems and sets policy. The Board also keeps members informed on Association activities by regularly publishing a newsletter, distributing membership lists, and preparing an Annual Report which includes a Review and Financial Statement of the group's fiscal status. Specific duties of the Board and Officers are contained in the Association's by-laws.