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The L&I Child Care Center is in the process of transitioning to Aa to Zz Child Care and Learning Center, as our new center provider. The information on this website is likely to change in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for updates from the Labor and Industry Child Care Center. (Date: 9.30.19)

If you have any questions about our Center, please call our Director, Ms. Shannon, at (717) 265-7740.

Labor and Industry Parents' Association Committees

Tuition Credit Program

In order to assist parents with the cost of tuition, the Parents' Association has a Tuition Credit Program involving Giant and Weis grocery stores. Here is how the program works:

  1. Parents Association members, child care staff and other interested parties may purchase Giant or Weis Gift Certificates from Alicia James, committee chairperson. Alicia is located in PSERS Building, 5 North 5th Street, 720-4628. Although we try to keep Certificates on hand at all times, it is more convenient if you contact Alicia in advance to allow time to get them ready and assure they are on hand. It also alleviates interruption of Alicia's work schedule.

  2. Payment (face value of the Certificates which come in $10, $20 and $25 denominations, Weis also has $5) is expected at the time of purchase. A check made payable to the L&I Parents' Assocation, Inc. is the only form of payment accepted.

  3. When buying the Certificates, the purchaser may elect to have "credit" applied to a certain child's tuition or to the Parents' Association itself. The Parents' Association receives a 5% discount on each Certificate sold. The tuition credit will be computed as 90% of the 5% discount or 4.5% of the total amount purchased. For example, if $100 worth of Certificates is purchased, it will be broken down as follows: $95 to the store, $.50 to the Parents' Association and $4.50 in tuition credit.

  4. During the first week of each month, the Treasurer will pay the provider the appropriate tuition credit earned the previous month for each child. A credit slip will be placed in the appropriate child's cubby showing the tuition credit which the parent may then deduct from the next week's tuition check. Please DO NOT calculate and deduct an amount on your own, wait for your credit slip. For example, if in the month of April sales totaled $1,000 in Certificates, in the first week of May, the Treasurer will pay the provider $45 in tuition credit, which you can then deduct from your regular tuition payment.

  5. Certificates can be used at any Giant or Weis store for their face value just like cash. If the purchase is less than the face amount of the Certificate, the customer will receive up to 10% of the face value in change. Some Weis store issue Gift Certificates instead of cash. An expiration date is printed on the Certificate (usually 6 months to one year).

Please feel free to e-mail Alicia or call her at 720-4628 if you have any further questions regarding this Program.