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Pennsylvania Profile ReEmployment Program (PREP)

The Profile ReEmployment Program (PREP) is Pennsylvania’s version of the federally mandated Worker Profiling and Reemployment Service system. PREP is designed to identify claimants who are most likely to exhaust UC benefits and who may need job assistance to expedite their reemployment. Selection into PREP takes place when an individual files a new application for unemployment compensation and receives their first payment. UC claimant characteristics are compared using a UC profiling model to arrange the claimants on lists for call-in for PREP reemployment services.

The UC profiling model used to determine the probability of a claimant exhausting their maximum benefit entitlement consists of a characteristic screen and a statistical model. The characteristic screen is designed to screen out claimants who are involved with a labor dispute, have a definite date of return to employment, obtain employment from a union hiring hall and are presently self-employed, working on commission, operating a farm, or working full or part time for an employer, including military service. The profiling statistical model arranges claimants, not screened out, by the characteristic screen on a priority list using industry, occupation tenure, and education level.

PREP participants are provided Orientation to the PREP program, Assessment of their needs to include a career plan, job match and referral, and the use of the Career Resource Center. Other services available may include: job development, labor market information, resume preparation assistance, career guidance, job search workshops, job clubs, and/or education and training.

If you have been selected for the PREP reemployment program and would like additional information, please contact your local PA CareerLink® office.