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New Directions Program

Since 1987 the Departments of Human Services and Labor and Industry, through the New Directions Program, have a collaborative agreement to provide intensive employment placement services to individuals receiving welfare benefits and determined to be job ready by their local County Assistance Office. The program provides job ready individuals with immediate access to a PA CareerLink® representative who then matches the individual’s job skills, interests, and work experience with current employment opportunities. This program also provides employers with a pool of job ready candidates. Although the main focus of the program is job search assistance and job placement, many other services are available. These services may include: job search workshops, job fairs, job developments, resume preparation, and use of computers in the Career Resource Area of the PA CareerLink® offices. The participants may also obtain information on State Civil Service testing, the Federal Bonding Program, and the Workers Opportunity Tax Credit Program. Selection for this program is handled through the local County Assistance Office.

If you are a participant in this program and would like additional information, please contact your local PA CareerLink® office for further details.