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Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS)

The Commonwealth Workforce Development System (CWDS) is an Internet-based system of services for use by customers and potential customers of the PA CareerLink® offices. CWDS provides online access to job openings; information about employers; services and training opportunities for job seekers; and labor market information. All of this is available by enrolling on-line with CWDS.

For job seekers, the system is a gateway available 24 hours a day to seek employment opportunities and social services. For employers, it is a means of searching for qualified workers and accessing many services targeted to employers. In addition to direct access to information, CWDS links to websites of many other agencies and service and information providers, such as the PA Work Stats.

Employers use the CWDS to find suitable workers. Employers may place job openings directly into the CWDS and elect to use the screening services of the PA CareerLink® staff or they may choose to perform their own screening through direct access by job applicants. Human resource managers worldwide can use the CWDS right on their desk to identify job seekers in Pennsylvania. PA CareerLink®ed employers may have their company logo placed on a CWDS page along with logos of other employers. The employers may list a description and important facts and figures regarding the business so that job seekers can perform research about the company.

The site is linked to the Business Resource Network, an Internet based information system for business and economic development professionals. Economic developers may use the system to find information to help in their work. And school guidance counselors may use the system as a gateway for a student deciding on career options.

Career Resource Area

A Career Resource Area is located in an easily accessible area of every PA CareerLink® office. Within the Area, you will find a wide variety of information with staff support to assist in your search for employment or training. Or if you are just seeking information, there are a wide variety of pamphlets, brochures and books available for employment and training related issues. Several PC's with Internet access are provided for public use in finding employment and training opportunities, researching data on conditions in all of Pennsylvania's labor markets, and for use in resume preparation.