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Agricultural Services for Farm Workers

The Agricultural Services program provides a full range of employment services to farm workers and agricultural employees.

The Agricultural Recruitment System links employers who have temporary agricultural and food processing jobs with workers who need these jobs and are willing to live temporarily away from their place of residence. Federal assurances for no cost or public housing are enforced when a job requires farm workers to live away from their place of residence.

This program also provides referrals to other agencies that can provide needed support for employment. A full range of employment services are available, including referrals to non-farming jobs, skill training, as well as classes for English as a second language.

In addition, PA CareerLink® offices have farm worker specialists who conduct outreach to migrant and seasonal farm worker labor camps. Outreach ensures that farm workers are made aware of their employment options and other services that are available to them through the PA CareerLink® and other community agencies.

Farm worker specialists outreach services are coordinated by the State Monitor Advocate who assures that federal guidelines for Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (MSFWs) are met, and that any farm worker problems or complaints are expedited and resolved in a timely, efficient manner.

Please contact your local PA CareerLink® office for further details on this program or to receive help with complaints regarding violations of employment-related laws.