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​Trade Adjustment Assistance & COVID-19 FAQs

The Trade Adjustment Assistance program services may have been impacted by COVID-19. The below frequently asked questions provide information and guidance for program participants and training providers.


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​Will I still receive my Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) if my classes have been suspended?

​My training start date changed from March 16 to April. How will this affect me?

​​What if I or my child become ill and I cannot begin Trade training?

​What if I was due to start training but the school canceled the training program?

​I had an appointment scheduled at the PA CareerLink® with my Career Advisor but now the office is closed. How do I continue with my services?

​I received mileage reimbursements to attend my training program that was 60 miles away from my home. All my classes are now online, and I do not want to face an overpayment. What should I do?

​My school canceled classes for two weeks. Will I still receive my TRA benefits?

​What impact does COVID-19 have on my TAA training and can my end date be revised?

​What should I do if I have not received my Trade Determination Letter and I am not getting a response from Unemployment Compensation’s TRA unit?

​Will the 26-week deadline be extended?

​What should I do if I am unable to complete the required process to enter training due to PA CareerLink® offices being closed?

​I have not received my UC (or TRA) payment. What should I do?

​Do I have the option of changing training programs/providers so that I can receive instruction online and receive TRA?

​I am unable to complete the required internship/externship due to COVID-19. Will I be able to graduate?

​I submit my paystubs for RTAA through the PA CareerLink® office. Since it is closed, what other means may I use if I don’t have access to a scanner or fax machine?

​How do I submit my attendance form to the TRA unit if my training is currently suspended and the instructor is unable to complete the form?

​Will I still be able to collect my UC, Basic TRA, Additional TRA, and Completion TRA if I am not in school due to closure or program switched to distance learning?

​How do I contact my PA CareerLink® Career Advisor?

​Will I still receive subsistence and mileage payments?

​I am eligible for the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program and currently receiving UC benefits.  I will soon request to attend a training program at my local community college.  If UC waived the work search requirements, why is my Career Advisor asking me for proof of a job search?



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​I do not have remote access to CWDS during the closure of our school. I am unable to enter attendance or complete training applications for TAA students.

​What will happen with the 2020 Trade Master Agreement (TMA) submissions? Will the time be extended due to COVID-19?