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Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board


Date: May 6, 2011 Release: IMMEDIATE
Contact: Jennifer Kreider
Secretary of the Board
Section 1122-A(c) of Act 88 of 1992 provides for publication of the findings of fact and recommendations of appointed fact-finders if one or both of the parties have rejected the report within ten (10) days of its issuance.
Fact-Finder Marc A. Winters has issued a report in the matter of the employes of the Mars Area School District.
The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board has received official notice that the report has been accepted by the Mars Area School District and rejected by the Mars Area Education Association, PSEA/NEA.
Section 1122-A(d) of Act 88 of 1992 provides that not less than five (5) days nor more than ten (10) days after the publication of the findings of fact and recommendations, the parties shall again inform the Board and each other whether they accept the findings of the fact-finder.
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