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Workforce Information

Following is a list of publications relevant to Workforce Information. Unless otherwise noted, all publications are in PDF format. If an alternative version is needed but not listed as available, please contact the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis at 717-787-6466 (Toll Free: 877-493-3282) or E-mail:

Downloadable Publications

Actuarial Evaluation (Frequency: Annually) - Provides analysis of Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation system regarding current and forecasted Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund activity.
Career Guide (Frequency: Annually) - Designed to assist those exploring careers and making decisions about post-secondary education, training and work. The guide contains employment outlook and wage information for over 250 selected occupations.
Civilian Labor Force (Frequency: Monthly) - County and Labor Market Area data on a seasonally adjusted basis have been added. This change is being made for comparability with seasonally adjusted state and national data.
County Profiles (Frequency: Monthly) - A compilation of selected economic, geographic, and demographic data for Pennsylvania's 67 counties.
High Priority Occupations (Frequency: Annually) - Information for workforce professionals about highly skilled, well-paying jobs in Pennsylvania's targeted industry clusters that are in demand by employers.
Labor Surplus Areas (Frequency: Annually) - Shows fourteen areas in Pennsylvania with a population of at least 25,000 that had an average unemployment rate of 10.0 percent or above during the reference period (January 2011 through December 2012). The current list of Labor Surplus Areas for Pennsylvania will be in effect from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014.
Long Term Industry Employment Projections (Frequency: Periodically) - Contains estimates of employment levels by industry 10 years in the future by Workforce Investment Area.
Long Term Occupational Employment Projections (Frequency: Periodically) - Contain estimates of employment levels by occupation 10 years in the future by various geographical areas.
Occupational Wages (Frequency: Annually) - Contains information for selected occupations in various geographical areas.
Older Workers in PA - Census Report (Frequency: Periodically) - Highlights the age composition of the state's work force, job gains and losses for older workers by industry, industries in which older workers are concentrated and their job stability and earnings.
PA Monthly WorkStats - The publication focuses on monthly updates to Current Employment Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics, Unemployment Compensation, and Pennsylvania Employer Activities. This publication replaces the PA Fast Facts and WIA Fast Facts.
Pennsylvania Employers with 500 or More Employees (Frequency: Quarterly) - Lists Pennsylvania businesses with a staff of 500 or more people. (Due to confidentiality, we do not provide employment for individual businesses.)
Short-Term Industry Forecasts (Frequency: Annually) - Contains estimates of statewide employment levels by industry 2 years in the future.
Statewide Average Weekly Wage (Frequency: Annually) - Shows the fiscal year and calendar statewide average weekly wage since 1958.
Top 50 Employers (Frequency: Quarterly) - Lists the employers with the greatest employment by various geographic regions ranging from county to statewide. (Due to confidentiality, we do not provide employment for individual businesses.)

Employer Information

New Hire Reporting Guidelines (Frequency: One Time Publication) - Provides a summary of Pennsylvania's New Hire Reporting program, outlines employer responsibilities, and contains a Commonwealth reporting form.