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Prevailing Wage Residential Rates

As of July 1, 2016, the Department has an established prevailing wage residential rate, limited strictly to residential projects that meet the other required thresholds.

The Bureau of Labor Law Compliance issues "residential" rates only on "single-family dwelling projects." The Bureau considers "single-family dwelling projects" as a project on the primary residence of an owner that only benefits the owner's individually metered single-family building, or the owner's individually metered unit in a structure that contains more than one separate residential dwelling unit. This definition includes a detached single-family home, a single unit in a condominium, a single unit in a duplex, and a single townhouse. Any project beyond this definition will be issued "building" rates, including, but not limited to, more than one unit in a structure, common areas, entire apartment buildings, entire condominium buildings, dorm buildings, and duplexes.

Questions should be directed to the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at 1-800-932-0665 or email at