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Underground Utility Line Protection Act

This form is used to report damage to underground utility lines, in accordance with the Underground Utility Line Protection Act (Act 287 of 1974 as amended).
In an effort to expedite your complaint, the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance encourages you to take advantage of the electronic submission of the complaint form.
If you choose instead to return a hardcopy version of this form (manual submission), all sections and both pages must be completed.

Manual Submission

Download this PDF Version if you would like to print out the form and submit it by fax to 717-787-0517, or by mail to:
Enforcement Coordinator
1301 L&I Building
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Enforcement Coordinator may be contacted by phone at 717-705-7256 or 1-800-932-0665.

Electronic Submission

The Online Version of the form. Utility owners – please add a damage estimate in the ‘Explanation of Incident’ area. Excavators – please add an estimate of any costs to your company associated with this incident in the ‘Explanation of Incident’ area.

District Offices

Upon acceptance of your claim, it will be assigned to one of the following District Offices.
Altoona District Office
Suite 200, 2nd Floor
1130, 12th Avenue
Altoona, PA 16601
Toll Free: 1-877-792-8198
Harrisburg District Office
1302-A Labor & Industry Bldg
651 Boas Street
Harrisburg, PA 17121
Telephone: 717-705-5969
Philadelphia District Office
110 North 8th St
Suite 203
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: 215-560-1858 or
Pittsburgh District Office
301 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Scranton District Office
Scranton State Office Bldg
100 Lackawanna Ave, Room 201B
Scranton, PA 18503
Telephone: 570-963-4577
Please direct your questions regarding underground utility lines to the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance, with offices in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Scranton.