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​Construction Employees E-Verify FAQs


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​What is E-Verify?

​What is the Construction Industry Employee Verification Act?

​When does Act 75 take effect?

​What type of employees need to be verified?

​How is the construction industry defined?

​Who is a construction industry employer?

​Do I need to E-Verify my exsisting employees who were hired prior to October 7, 2020?

​Who can I contact if I have questions about Act 75?

​Who can file a complaint when violations of Act 75 are taking place?

​Will the bureau accept anonymous complaints?

​What information needs to be submitted to the bureau to initiate an investigation?

​What happens if a complaint is submitted based on someone's race or ethnic background?

​What are the penalties for violating Act 75?

​How can an employer demonstrate that unauthorized workers have been terminated?

​If I am unable to log into the E-Verify system, or have technical difficulties, what should I do?

​What documentation am I required to maintain to be compliant with Act 75?

​What happens when the bureau initiates an investigation?

As a construction contractor, I hire my field employees through the local union or construction association. Does Act 75 require me to E-Verify these employees, or should the union or association E-Verify them since they can work for multiple contractors?

Does Act 75 require sole proprietors to use E-Verify on themselves?

Does Act 75’s requirements apply to landscaping contractors?