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COVID-19 Stuffed Toy Registration FAQs​


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Is the Department still processing new Stuffed Toy applications?

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The Department is accepting applications that are sent through the mail. Please submit a paper copy with a check made out to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to cover the appropriate fee. Please ensure that a stuffed toy sample is also submitted with the application.

Where do I go to find more information regarding the PA Stuffed Toy program?

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Please visit our PA Stuffed Toy website, which includes our forms, fees, frequently asked questions and contact information, at

Have any regulations relating to stuffed toys been suspended?

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​Yes, for the duration of the Governor's disaster declaration, the Department has suspended the 15-day timeframe requirement for submitting information to the Department regarding any change to previously submitted information concerning a toy and the 15-day requirement to submit information concerning a new toy. Applicants should submit this information as soon as possible.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the following monitored resource account: