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I mailed a hard copy Tier II report to the Department on or after March 9, 2020; will the Department process it while the L&I building is closed?

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While the office is unable to access its mail, you can access the Tier II reporting system online at and electronically submit your Tier II report online.

I submitted a Tier II report prior to the Department closing its office, will my report be viewed, and will I be notified of any issues with the report?

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Pennsafe staff are still reviewing all 2019 reports that were submitted electronically through its PATTS system and will contact a submitter on record via email if any discrepancies are found with the report. If there are any questions with reports, Pennsafe staff are monitoring the resource account at

Are timeframes suspended for the submittal of any TRI reports?

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The timeframe to submit TRI reports have not been extended and can still be submitted electronically by accessing the Central Data Exchange (CDX) system and submitting the report by July 1, 2020.

I mailed a check to cover the fees associated with my Tier II submission. Will that check be cashed?

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The Department is currently processing checks that were sent prior to the building being closed and will apply payments to electronically submitted reports.