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​COVID-19 Lead Abatement Certification FAQs


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I mailed my application to the Department on or after March 9, 2020; will the Department process it while the L&I building is closed?

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Any previously mailed applications are currently being processed.

What is the processing time frame for applications submitted electronically during the building closure?

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Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Current processing time for submitted applications is two to four weeks.

I mailed my application to the Department prior to March 9, 2020 but I haven't received my bar code letter/certificate yet; how do I check on its status?

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Please contact our office at or 717-772-3396 to check on the status of an application. Make sure you provide to our office the name of the individual/company seeking certification/accreditation, their certification number (if renewing) and the check number as well the individual/company name that was listed on the check that was submitted with the application. 

Are lead training/company certificates and individual bar code letters still being mailed while the L&I Building is closed?

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No, the printing and mailing of certificates and bar code letters are currently suspended. Once the building re-opens, mailing will resume. Use our listings of Accredited Lead Abatement Training Providers, Certified Lead Abatement Contractors, and Individuals Certified in Lead-based paint occupations to verify a certification.

NOTE: For companies that need a temporary copy of their contractor/training provider certification/accreditation certificate emailed to them in the interim, please email your request to our office at  

Am I able to perform lead abatement activities using previously issued bar code letters while I await the reopening of photo licensing centers?

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Yes, the Department will allow you to continue to perform lead abatement activities with the barcode letter serving as proper identification if the project is otherwise permitted to continue under the Governor's and Secretary of Health's orders.

If the bar code letters are not going out, what documentation is the Department providing to me to show that I meet the qualifications to perform lead abatement activities?

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If all documentation is sent electronically to our office at our staff will process the application and provide you documentation electronically of your renewal. This documentation will serve as your certification ID card until up to 60 days after the reopening of a photo licensing center.

Where can I take my refresher training?

Can I still take refresher training in person or virtually?

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Contact the training provider to ascertain their methods of training. Virtual learning is an approved method of instruction for refresher courses.

Where do I go to find more information regarding the PA Lead Abatement program?

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Please visit our Lead Occupations website, which includes our forms, fees and contact information, at

Have any regulations relating to lead occupations been suspended?

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Yes, for the duration of the Governor's disaster declaration, the Department has suspended the following timeframes:

  • The deadline to submit a request for a training course accreditation, although accreditation requests should be submitted as soon as possible.

  • The deadline to provide student training certificates to the Department, although student training certificates should be submitted as soon as possible

  • The deadline for contractors to notify the Department before an abatement project, although contractors should provide notification as soon as possible. 

Will my annual certification expire?

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If your certification expired during the Governor's emergency declaration, you should renew it before October 1, 2020. Starting on October 1, 2020, no expired certifications will be valid.

Will I receive a photoidentification card?

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​No.  Instead, the Department will provide a document certifying that a person is permitted to perform lead based activities. 

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the following monitored resource account: