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COVID-19 Flammable and Combustible Liquids or Compressed Natural Gas installations FAQs


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​Can construction continue on my Flammable and Combustible Liquids or compressed natural gas location, and can I obtain an inspection?

​Is the Department still performing flammable and combustible liquid application and compressed natural gas plan reviews?

​Is the Department still processing expedited flammable and combustible liquid applications and expedited plan reviews and inspections?

​If I have a problem or concern with a flammable or combustible liquid location can I get an inspector to look at it?

​If I have a question about an F&C or CNG installation or application, who should I contact?  

​If I have an emergency at a F&C or CNG installation, who should I contact?  

​Is the Department accepting flammable and combustible appeals, requests for variances or extensions of time through the Industrial Board?

​Have any regulations relating to combustible and flammable liquids or compressed natural gas installations been suspended?

​Is the Industrial Board conducting hearings for variances and extensions of time?