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COVID-19 Elevator FAQs​


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​How can I submit an elevator permit application to the bureau during this event?

​Are elevator permits still being processed?

​Are permit inspections still being conducted by the Elevator Division?

​Is the Department still processing expedited elevator applications and expedited plan reviews?

​How can I submit a complaint or concern related to an elevator?

​Is the Department accepting elevator appeals, requests for variances or extensions of time through the Elevator Safety Board?

​Can I get an inspection on my newly installed elevator?

​Is the Department scheduling expedited inspections?

​If I have a problem, accident or a concern on an elevator, should I contact the Department?

​Can I get an extension of time on the periodic inspection of my elevator?

​If I have a question about an elevator, who should I contact?  

​If I have an emergency with an elevator, who should I contact?  

​Is the Elevator Division still performing 30-day violation letter follow ups?

​If my building is closed and I don't want to run my elevators during the shutdown to save money do I have to have the state seal the elevator?

​How can I receive my invoice for a failed permit inspection with the L&I Building being shut down?

​Can we still expedite permit inspection requests?

​How do I contact the Division Director with a question?

​How do I report a dangerous condition with a lifting device?

​Do I have to submit four copies of permit applications and supporting documents?

​Will the Department stamp applications?

​Is the Department required to act within 30 days of receipt of application?

​Are the deadlines to conduct periodic inspections suspended?

​Is the deadline to submit a test report to the Department suspended?