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Pennsylvania Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Frequently Asked Questions


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​What Pennsylvania Facilities are required to submit Tier II Reports in PATTS?

​Does EPCRA allow any exemptions or chemical exclusions?

​What types of reports are required to be submitted in Pennsylvania?

​How do I submit a Tier II Report in Pennsylvania and gain access to the PATTS system?

​What are the PATTS Username requirements?

​What are the PATTS Password requirements?

​What should I do if the system says my account is disabled or revoked?

​How do I request a PATTS Facility ID? (Please note: A PATTS Facility is specifically used in PATTS and not used for other state agency purposes.)

​What is the amount invoiced for PA Tier II Chemical Fees?

​Are electronic payments accepted?

​What should I send with the payment?

​What address should I send my payment and Invoice/Certification Form?

​What measurement is used when reporting chemical quantities in PATTS?

​Is a chemical that has an SDS stating physical and health hazards as “Hazards Not Otherwise Classified” required to be reported at or over the 10,000 pounds?

​Is a chemical that is noted “Hazards Not Otherwise Classified” in its SDS’s fee exempt?

​What documents should PA Tier II Submitters have prepared to attach in the Tier II Reports?

​What needs to be included in a site plan?

​What steps should I take if I receive the error message "The file is corrupt and cannot be repaired" when attempting to open a report attachment in PATTS?

​How are Lead-Acid Batteries to be reported for PA Tier II Reporting?

​In addition to submitting a Report in PATTS, should a copy of the Tier II Report and the attachments be sent to other agencies?

​What steps do I need to take If my facility would like to claim a chemical trade secret in my PA Tier II Report?

​What steps do I need to take If my facility closes, no longer has reportable hazardous chemicals onsite, or my facility’s hazardous chemicals have decreased below reportable quantities/TPQs?