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COVID-19 Building FAQs​


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​The Governor’s Order set a limit to 25% of regular occupancy for bars and restaurants. How do I calculate my occupancy limit?

​The Governor’s phased-in approach to re-opening indicates I can operate my business at a maximum of 50% of my regular occupancy limit, how do I calculate my occupancy limit?

​Will the Department continue to provide municipalities copies of building plans and plan review documents for state owned buildings in the municipality?

​Are the deadlines regarding code administration for residential and commercial construction still in effect?

Are the deadlines regarding proposed UCC ordinances still in effect?

​Are the deadlines for a building code official to administer and enforce the UCC in effect?

​Is the department accepting building permit applications and building plans, despite the Labor & Industry building's closure?

​Is the department processing expedited plan reviews?

​Is the department conducting building inspections for construction projects?

​Can construction and inspections on emergency tents occur?

May Third Party Agencies conduct plan reviews and perform inspections?

​I perform maintenance at a building.  Am I allowed to continue to perform these functions?

​Can I use a third-party inspection agency if a state inspector is unavailable?

​Is the department accepting requests for duplicate or revised certificates of occupancy or copies of construction documents?

​Is the department accepting building appeals, building requests for variances or building extensions of time through the Industrial Board?

​Is the Department accepting appeals, requests for variances or extensions of time through the Accessibility Advisory Board?

​Does the Department still provide technical assistance answering questions and concerns related to the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (PCCA) or Uniform Construction Code (UCC) enforcement?

​Can I start construction?

​I perform repair and/or maintenance for customers in their homes.  Am I able to continue to perform these functions?