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COVID-19 Boilers and Pressure Vessels​ FAQs


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​Is the Department still processing expedited boiler applications and expedited plan reviews?

​Is the Department scheduling expedited inspections?

​Is the Department still processing boiler applications and plan reviews?

​Will an inspector show up to inspect my boiler or pressure vessel if my operating certificate expires?

​Can I get an inspection on my newly installed boiler or vessel?

​If I have a problem, accident or a concern on a boiler or pressure vessel can I get an inspector to look at it?

​Can I get an extension of time on the internal inspection requirement of my power boiler?

​If I have a question about a boiler or pressure vessel, who should I contact?  

​If I have an emergency with a boiler or pressure vessel, who should I contact?  

​Is the Department accepting boiler appeals, requests for variances or extensions of time through the Industrial Board?

​Have any regulations relating to boilers and unfired pressure vessels been suspended?

​Is the Industrial Board conducting hearings for variances and extensions of time?