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L&I, Office of Information Technology Procedure


Name: Remote Access to the Commonwealth Network
Effective Date: October 2016
Category: Security Domain
Version: 1.1

1. Scope:

This policy applies to all Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) employees, business partners, contractors, temporary personnel, agents, and vendors who have been provided L&I IT Equipment and/or access to connect or are already connected remotely to the L&I network.

2. Procedure:

The procedure is implemented by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Computing Services (ICS), Infrastructure Engineering & Operations (IEO) and Workstation Operations & Technical Services (WOTS) Divisions.

Step Responsibility Action
1. Employee Makes request for Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to their manager and Bureau Director
2. ServiceNow
Submits remote access Change Request (CR) by choosing the following combination of Category: Telecommunications and Subcategory: Add VPN certificate
3. Change Request
Approves or Denies CR
4. Employee Submits Remote VPN certificate Request Form (OIT-54) by attaching it to the CR
  • Non-Commonwealth Employees must submit the Remote VPN certificate Request Form (OIT-54) & Computer Resources User Agreement for Non- Commonwealth Employees (Form OIT-6)
5. Change Request
Notifies IEO to establish remote access for the employee
  • Schedules configuration of remote connectivity
6. IEO Adds user to appropriate groups for remote access
7. WOTS Ensures that BitLocker is installed
8. WOTS Configures remote connectivity
9. IEO Provides instructions for remote connectivity
10. WOTS Demonstrates connectivity process

3. References

L&I Policy Definitions Document
SEC-011 - Remote Access to the Commonwealth Network
ITP-SEC010 - Virtual Private Network Standards

4. Version Control

Version Date Purpose
1.0 01/2006 Base Document
1.1 10/2016 Format and Content Revision