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Thank You!

ODHH recognizes and thanks the following individuals and organizations for their assistance and support of Hearing Loss Expo 2016!

Hearing Loss Expo 2016 is able to offer more because of you who share the same dedication of improving the lives of Pennsylvanians who are deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.


  • Description of organizations are in the exhibitor directory or on the expo page
  • Presenter bios are listed with the workshop descriptions

Hearing Loop in Keystone D for workshops

  • East Coast Hearing Loops

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)

  • Archive Reporting and Captioning Service

Sign Language Interpreters

  • ASL Services
  • Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre
  • Sign Language Interpreting Professionals

Flu Shots

  • Rite Aid

Hearing & video otoscopy screenings

  • Bloomsburg University: Audiological Program

Vision Screenings

  • Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania

Sign language Interpreter workshop

  • Pennsylvania Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Counsel Corner

  • Madelaine N. Baturin, Esq.
  • Andrea C. Farney, Esq.
  • Debra K. Wallet, Esq.

Family activities

  • Programs of the Western PA School for the Deaf
  • Hands & Voices of Pennsylvania
  • Guide by Your Side of Pennsylvania
  • Parent to Parent

Day of Discovery

  • Russell Goddard
  • Scot Ferre
  • Lizette Ramos
  • Shasta Dreese
  • Devin Rosentreter
  • Sharon Trabold
  • Jane Freeman
  • Denise Brown


  • Jeana Novak
  • Shannon Wright
  • Kadie Lapp Trauger
  • Christina Derhammer
  • Carol Yukins
  • William Best
  • Kay Tyberg
  • Kurt Jung, Esq.
  • Mary Ann Stefko
  • Madelaine N. Baturin, Esq.
  • Devon Heberlig
  • Terry Roth
  • George Taylor


  • Gerald Penna
  • Katherine Ewing
  • Devin Fazio
  • Suzy Hechme
  • Bre Gehringer
  • Kelsey Katuran
  • Cindy Phillips
  • Samantha Sammons
  • Ariel Silverman
  • Jason Veil
  • Brooke Wejkszner