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Driver Education

The Driver Education program offers the opportunity to acquire a valid Pennsylvania driver's license. Classroom instruction consists of 30 hours and driver training consists of a minimum of *six hours of driving practice.
In addition to learning how to drive, students learn of risks associated with driving and how to manage those risks. The goal of the Driver Education program is to provide students with the skills, confidence and attitude to safely participate in the highway transportation system. Having a valid PA driver's license will enable students to participate in activities such as education, recreation, employment and social activities.
Course Code Course Description
DE-1 Driving and Mobility
DE-2 Assessing and Managing Risk
DE-3 Administrative and Traffic Laws
DE-4 Signs, Signals and Markings
DE-5 Basic Control Tasks/Maneuvers
DE-6 Perceptual Skills
DE-7 Effective Driving
DE-8 Driving Environments
DE-9 Sharing the Roadway
DE-10 Natural Laws and Driving
DE-11 Adverse Driving Conditions
DE-12 Vehicle Emergencies
DE-13 Buying a Car
DE-14 Car Maintenance
DE-15 Knowing Yourself
DE-16 Handling Social Pressure
DE-17 Insurance
DE-18 Planning a Trip
Course Code Behind the Wheel
DE-19 CTI Driving Range - Vehicle Orientation and Basic Maneuvers
DE-20 CTI Driving Range - Range Exercises
DE-21 On - Street #1 - Residential Area
DE-22 On - Street #2 - Open Highway
DE-23 On - Street #3 - Expressway Driving
DE-24 On - Street #4 - Moderate Traffic
DE-25 On - Street #5 - Rural Environment and Vehicle Emergencies
DE-26 On - Street #6 - Business District
DE-27 Driving Simulator - Night Drive Lesson
DE-28 Driving Test - End of Course Skills Test @ CTI
*More than six hours of behind the wheel training may be needed as determined by the instructor.