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Culinary Assistant

880 hours, 30 credits, 2 terms, 8 months
Maximum class size: 15 
The Culinary Assistant diploma program provides instruction in entry-level skills essential in kitchen maintenance, sanitation, production and safety necessary for employment in food service operations.

General Entrance Requirements

Students must be able to follow instructions and meet the health standards mandated by local and state government and must be free of any food allergies that would prevent working in the food service industry.

Instructional Equipment

Instructional equipment includes, but is not limited to, flat-top range, deep fryer, convection oven, steamjacketed kettle and various audio/visual equipment.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates are qualified for entry-level culinary arts positions with schools, hospitals, motels, restaurants, fastfood outlets, caterers and other food service operations.

Term I

Term II

Course Code
Course Description
Professional Growth and Development/Application II
Term Total: 13     
Program Total: 30