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Center for Occupational Readiness (COR)

Open Entry/Open Exit
Maximum Enrollment: 60
Average Class Size: 15
The Center for Occupational Readiness, or COR, teaches students basic academic and occupational-related interpersonal skills necessary for success in a predetermined training area and in the workforce.
All COR students are pretested to determine their current level of knowledge. The outcome will determine which skills need to be improved upon.
Remediation in math, English, reading and life management skills is self-paced, highly individualized and provides a pre-occupational environment integrated into students' occupational training via a team teaching approach with the occupational instructor.
Emphasis is placed on communication skills and following written and oral directions.
Computer-assisted instruction is used to aid remediation and teaching new materials. Emphasis is placed on preparing students to meet employer expectations and to be succeesful in the workforce.

Student achievement is monitored by progress review staffings involving the student, counselors, instructors and other appropriate staff. Academic progress is also determined through standardized pre and post tests.
No credits or hours are earned toward graduation.

Remedial Programs


Maximum Enrollment: 15
The COR English program provides remedial instruction in written and oral communication skills. Students receive instruction in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, usage and sentence structure. Materials are appropiate to the student's reading level.


Maximum Enrollment: 15
The COR math program provides remedial instruction in math computation and analytical thinking skills. Students receive instruction in whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, pre-algebra and vocationally related units of word problems. Math competency is necessary for entrance into a predetermined vocational training area. Programs are prescribed to meet individual learning differences and one-to-one instruction is used to develop skills. Students also use calculators and various hands-on materials to facilitate learning basic skills and vocationally based mathematics.


Maximum Enrollment: 15
The COR reading program provides remedial instruction in vocabulary and comprehension development. Each student receives an individually prescribed program of instruction that will change as skill level increases. This program includes remediation exercises, vocationally oriented activities, work force literacy skills and relative survival vocabularies.

Life Management Skills

Maximum Enrollment: 15
The COR Life Management Skills program provides instruction in financial literacy, health-related issues, occupational knowledge, community resources, government and law. Reading, writing and math instruction is also taught as they apply to real life and on-the-job situations. Assignments relate to the students occupational training area. Success in a workforce training area is the primary goal of the program.