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CTI Program Book List

Program Title: Materials Management

NOTE: The cost of all books is included with tuition.
Course Titles
Book Name

MM-101 Professional Development I No text book      
MM-108 Materials Handling Equipment I No text book      
MM-115 Computers and Information Mgmt. I HGAC Input Catalog Self-Created Workbook    
MM-120 Receiving and Storage I 1. Stock Record Card
2. Computerizing The Stock Record Card
3. Material Management
Self-Created Workbooks    
MM-121 Inventory Mgmt. and Shipping I 1. Physical Inventory Guidelines
2. Material Management
Self-Created Workbooks    

MM-201 Professional Development II No text book      
MM-208 Materials Handling Equipment II No text book      
MM-215 Computers and Information Mgmt. II No text book      
MM-220 Receiving and Storage II 1. Pedal Power
2. Inventory Control
3. Material management
Self-Created Workbooks    
MM-221 Inventory Mgmt. and Shipping II 1. IntelliTrack Stratus ISRP
2. Nolan Purification
3. Material Management
Self-Created Workbooks    
MM-222 Purchasing and Transportation Metropolitan Department Store Purchase Agent Self-Created Workbook