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Student Support Services

Our Student support services, under the guidance of the Student Affairs Division, provides health and rehabilitation services, including a student Wellness Center, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychotherapy and Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive Vocational Evaluation program, along with career guidance and job placement assistance.

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center provides a comprehensive, caring atmosphere that encourages students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and helps them succeed in their vocational training. The clinic maintains a medical file on all students. The following services, and more, are offered: treatment for acute/chronic conditions, emergency and non-emergency situations, first aid, medication administration and monitoring, individual health teaching, outside referrals and scheduling of diagnostic testing. Registered nurses staff the clinic from 6:45 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy provides individualized treatment programs for students with physical disabilities or limitations affecting their vocational objectives. Work hardening therapy includes lifting techniques, body mechanics, posture training, fitness and conditioning. Prosthetic and orthotic training, massage, mobilization, whirlpool, ultrasound, traction and electrical stimulation are provided with the goal of achieving maximum physical potential.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy, or OT, provides therapeutic intervention for students with disabilities. OT is used to meet educational goals and to maximize independence in Activities of Daily Living, or ADL.
Available services include work tolerance and physical capacity testing, perceptual motor evaluations, upper extremity activities, perceptual and cognitive retraining, and ADL treatment.
The goal of OT is to help customers improve functional capabilities. The OT department handles a wide variety of referrals and requests from counselors, educators, and HGAC in general.

Speech Therapy

Individuals admitted to HGAC receive a speech and hearing test. If results show speech therapy is needed, it will be scheduled. Speech therapy services include speech and language evaluations, speech and hearing screenings, follow-ups and training.

Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is an empowering process that provides the potential student with information necessary for sound vocational planning. By participating in the evaluation process, individuals learn how to identify their vocational strengths and weaknesses and how to locate and use vocational reference materials. They receive information about various job requirements and about matching their abilities to those specific occupations.
The vocational evaluator has the responsibility of selecting, administering and interpreting test and work samples, and providing vocational counseling to help the individual choose a realistic vocational goal.

Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services are provided by three psychological services associates. Students have the opportunity to maximize their potential by addressing social and emotional issues that may hinder the vocational process.


Prior to graduation, students are referred to job preparedness classes. Completing applications, resumé writing, interviewing skills, video recorded mock job interviews and employer contacts are focused on in this program.
The employment facilitator, rehabilitation counselors and the instructors are actively involved with finding employers and making referrals to prepare students for specific job vacancies. Graduating students are helped in developing a network of potential employer contacts. Graduates may schedule an appointment with the placement counselor to use resources to find job placement. Graduation from this school does not guarantee employment.

Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library

Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library provides the opportunity for Pennsylvanians to borrow and assess assistive technology devices prior to purchase. The assistive technology loan program was created and implemented in conjunction with the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University and is underwritten by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The library is located on the Hiram G. Andrews Center's campus and services are free to all Pennsylvanians with disabilities.
For more information about Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Lending Library call toll-free 800-204-7428 or visit inventory.php.

Career Guidance Center

The Career Guidance Center, or CGC, provides occupational information materials for career exploration.
Supervised and independent research at the CGC provides students with an opportunity to make important career decisions. Job duties, occupational outlooks, salaries, chances for advancement, qualifications, and type and length of training are all important factors to consider when choosing a career or an educational facility.