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About the Hiram G. Andrews Center


HGAC Mission Statement

The mission of the Hiram G. Andrews Center is to offer quality individualized post-secondary education, pre-employment transition and support services to customers as they determine and pursue individualized goals of employment and independence in the community.
The Hiram G. Andrews Center provides a comprehensive program of services featuring the integration of pre-employment transition services, education on campus at the Commonwealth Technical Institute (CTI), counseling, evaluation, and physical restoration in a barrier-free environment.
A continuum of support services ranging from vocational evaluation and career exploration to independent living skills combines to offer our students the skills they will need to live, work and contribute in the community.
Interested applicants are urged to visit HGAC and explore its opportunities. Tours for individuals and groups can be arranged by appointment. Call 814-254-0582 or use our toll-free number, 800-762-4211, extension 0582, to arrange a tour of the HGAC and to see the career opportunities provided through an education at the Commonwealth Technical Institute.
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