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HP Technology for Teaching Grant


Project Title: Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Student Outcomes Through Technology
Principal Investigator: George J. Hockenberry
Department: AST Computer Servicing Technology

Brief Project Description:

Through the use of high technology in four Computer Servicing Technology courses, this project will aim to transform teaching and learning to better prepare students with disabilities for society and a job market rich with emerging technology. The Commonwealth Technical Institute (CTI) is committed to matching student’s exposure, training, and application of technology in the classroom to fit with society, business and industry standards and needs. CTI’s student population consists 100% of students with disabilities. Since students will be able to use HP Tablet PCs not only in the classroom, but also essentially from any location, opportunities for learning and improved student outcomes will be increased.
  • Mobile technology will enhance learning and improve student grades in Computer Servicing Technology courses. The wireless HP Tablet PCs are used as an alternative to writing on the blackboard. Instructor coursework and lecture notes are transferred directly to student HP Tablet PCs and projected onto the screen for general classroom viewing.

  • Instructors use the HP Tablet PC to gather real time feedback from students during lecture. Student responses are collected and the processed results displayed on the instructor’s HP Tablet PC. This interactive use of mobile technology increases the use of high technology and the number of students receiving C-Tech cabling certification.

  • To increase retention through the use of high technology and mobile computing outside the classroom, all classroom materials are available in electronic format. The student’s HP Tablet PCs provides exact notes of what was covered in class, and students interact with classroom materials using Tablet PCs as if they were using pencil and paper.

  • Students will complete homework assignments and projects, in addition to completing and tracking/documenting practicum field service calls using the HP Tablet PC.

Quick Facts:

Courses Impacted: Cabling, Introduction to LANS, Computer Practicum I and Computer Practicum II.
These courses provide introductions to multiple skills. Introduction to LANS class topics range from diagramming infrastructure to the skill of scripting. Included are how scripting works on the various LAN systems.
In the Cabling course, the HP Tablet PC will be used to learn how to do wire mapping from pin pair configuration to troubleshooting. Troubleshooting of wiring includes showing opens, shorts, reversals, split pair, transposals and dual-lighting LED. Using this information, the student will determine if the cable is a Straight-Through, Crossover, Rollover Cable, etc.
Computer Practicum courses I & II provide instruction and application of Computer Servicing Technology curriculum and theory through hands-on experience. HP equipment will be used to facilitate instruction of bidding jobs in computer servicing technology such as networking, cabling and interface between multiple users. Technology will permit photographing office layouts, diagramming office layouts, determining the most efficient and effective way to provide computer service to customers, determining equipment needed for the job, determining cost of job and bidding jobs. In short, the HP Tablet PC enables the student to document practicum field service assignments, enhancing their ability to work in the field of computer servicing.
Number of Students Involved: 30
Number of Faculty Involved: 2