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White Cane Safety Day

On Oct. 14, 2016, BBVS staff will host members of the general assembly and other commonwealth officials for White Cane Safety Day in the East Wing Rotunda of the Capitol building, Harrisburg. Event participants will be guided through a sensory-loss simulation exercise using vision loss simulation goggles and adaptive transportation aids and equipment (white canes).

White Cane Safety Day, which is officially Oct. 15, 2016, is observed to recognize the importance of the white cane as a symbol of independence for individuals with visual impairments and to highlight the law for drivers when they see a person using a white cane and/or guide dog.

White Cane Safety Day Facts:
  • White Cane Safety Day has been observed nationally since 1963.
  • James Biggs, a photographer from Bristol, England invented the modern white cane in 1921.
  • In 1930, white canes were distributed to the blind and visually impaired by countless Lions clubs across the U.S.
  • Today, white cane laws are in all states across the country, giving white cane users legal status in traffic.