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Supported Employment (SE) FAQs

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​If a customer is in Phases 3-5 (i.e., hours have been negotiated and the services are in progress), the job is put on hold and the customer does not wish to seek alternative employment, how can the provider support the customer through this time and the return to work period? 

​If a customer is in Phases 3-5 (i.e., hours have been negotiated and the services are in progress), the job is put on hold and the customer wants to seek alternative employment, can providers assist with this? 

​What is the procedure for utilizing Job Mentoring as specified in questions #1 and #2?

​What if the customer is laid off before the end of Phases 3, 4 or 5?  For example, what if the customer reaches the 90th day from stability while laid off?

​What happens if the employer will not allow a provider access to the workplace to render on-site supports during Phases 2-5?

​What documentation is the provider required to submit when an employer refuses to allow the CRP staff onsite?

​If a provider has to support a customer "offsite" due to an employer restricting access to the worksite, what are some examples of "off-site" activities?

​How do we authorize a second phase 2 when the customer returns to work if the provider reports and bills for partial hours under the current PO?

​If we partial bill for Phase 2, what date do we use on the report, and, when we return to working with the customer onsite, what date do we start with?

​Should we still track clients' work hours in the PPR if on-site coaching is on hold but the client is still working?

​Is job mentoring available for customers in Extended Services who have been laid off, or could we be allowed to use current Extended Services authorizations/POs to support them and coordinate their return to work?

​The SE COVID-19 guidance states that if a provider is unable to deliver on-site supports (because of provider agency policy), an alternate provider must be used. What if an alternate on-site vendor cannot be located?

​If another provider covers for the onsite, does the customer return to the original provider when the agency opens again?

​Does a vendor need a new PO if they are now rendering an SE service virtually instead of in person?

​Should we continue to submit monthly reports as a place holder? Do we have to continue with monthly reports for no activity if customers are laid off?

​Since Community Based Work Assessments (CBWA) have been suspended, what happens to the remaining units that have not been used?

​Should providers suspend work on just Discovery or also on the Discovery Profile, Visual Resume and the Customized Plan for Employment meeting (virtually)?

​If Phase 2 is interrupted midway through due to layoff and job mentoring is then used when the customer goes back to work, how do we proceed?

​If a customer chooses to place Phase 1 on hold, how does that impact the policy time limits (i.e., 6 months for Phase 1 and 3 additional months for the extension)? For example, if the service is on hold for six weeks does that get added into the total months for Phase 1?

​If Job Mentoring is used while a customer is laid off in the middle of Phases 2 through 5, will new POs be needed to resume the phase that was paused?