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Customer FAQs

OVR remains committed to assisting individuals who make the informed choice to seek a job during COVID-19. At this time, many Pre-Employment Transition Services, college training programs and Supported Employment services are available over the phone or virtually on a computer. However, a few community-based assessment and exploratory services are on hold until mitigation efforts have been lifted. Our staff continue to work remotely to assist students, and you can reach us by telephone, email or videoconferencing to learn more about the services available.

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please email OVR at

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​When will OVR reopen their offices? 

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OVR will adhere to the direction of the Governor's Office and reopen once instructed. Please know that, even though our district offices are not open, we are still accepting referrals and our staff are teleworking to continue to provide services.

​Will I be able to contact my counselor while the offices are closed?

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Yes – please feel free to contact your counselor via email or phone as needed. If by phone, you may have to leave a message and your counselor will get back to you as soon as possible.

OVR staff can still provide a variety of important services remotely. Staff can still complete applications, determine eligibilities, write Individual Plans for Employment, authorize services for the future, and conduct counseling and guidance activities virtually.

​Can I still apply for OVR services?

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Yes – We encourage individuals to apply by contacting their local OVR District Office or by completing an online OVR referral.

​What happens if my job is at risk; what can I do?

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The Department of Labor and Industry has compiled a COVID-19 Scenarios & Benefits Available Guide for individuals whose jobs are at risk due to COVID-19.

​Can I still participate in pre-approved services with providers while OVR offices are closed? 

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OVR encourages all stakeholders to adhere to the direction of the PA Department of Health and Governor Wolf. If you have questions regarding existing services, please contact your OVR counselor or vendor for options on how to access these services.

​How can I contact the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH)?

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ODHH can be reached at:

v/tty: 717-783-4912
videophone: 717-831-1928

Visit the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s website to learn more about their services and access resources, including a COVID-19 communications card.

​Will OVR continue to help current students with disabilities with Pre-Employment Transition Services? 

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Pre-Employment Transition Services will continue for those students who have not graduated or are planning to enter postsecondary training in the fall. For students who have graduated and are in a plan status, OVR will continue to assist those customers with services like Paid Work Experiences, resume development and permanent job placement.

​Is PA OVR currently hiring for internships or entry level positions? 

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As per Governor Wolf’s guidance, all commonwealth agencies will be on a hiring freeze until further notice. Please be sure to contact our Recruitment Specialist Hattie McCarter at with any inquiries regarding vacancies.