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Request a Quote

You may request a SWIF quote to apply for workers’ compensation insurance by using the process below. Please provide all information in writing (fax or email):

  1. Requested effective date of insurance;
  2. Full name(s) of employer(s) including trade name(s) or doing business as name(s);
  3. Employer(s) main PA work location, county, mailing address;
  4. Name and address of insurance representative, if applicable;
  5. How long has entity been in business?
  6. Has applicant even been insured for workers' compensation?
  7. Applicant’s latest experience modification factor and the effective rating date, if known;
  8. Has applicant been declined for coverage in the past 12 months?
  9. Has applicant ever been insured with SWIF? When?
  10. Describe applicant’s operations including products/services;
  11. List applicant’s estimated annual payroll by type of work and duties for all employees.

In most instances, a premium quote will be returned within 7-10 business days. Quotes are valid for 90 days unless otherwise noted.