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Available Safety Materials

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SAFETY VIDEOS (To Borrow Only)

Back Safety: Real, Real Life: (VHS-15 Minutes)

Using a fresh and humorous approach, this video covers the dangers your back faces every day on-the-job.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Employees (DVD-17 Minutes)

To protect themselves from these microorganisms, employees must receive training and learn specific precautions, which is the purpose of this video. Viewers will learn the hazards associated with bloodborne pathogens in each and every potential exposure situation. Topics include:

  • Disease Caused By Bloodborne Pathogens
  • The Exposure Control Plan
  • Routes Of Entry
  • Universal Precautions
  • Handling & Disposal Of Contaminated Items
  • Responding To Exposure Situations
  • Decontaminating Work Areas & Equipment

Cell Phones in the Workplace: (Standard Version DVD-15 Minutes & Concise Version DVD-8 Minutes)

Our cell phones are powerful tools that allow us to have instant access to information and communication. When used appropriately, these devices can make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but when used at the wrong time and in the wrong manner, these same devices can get us in trouble at work and cause serious injury. This program discusses how sending and receiving text messages can cause us to lose focus on doing our jobs safely and efficiently as well as the importance of always following your company's policy regarding cell phone use. Also featured are several workplace scenarios that illustrate the tragic consequences of ignoring these policies in order to text when it is unsafe or prohibited.

Controlling Hazardous Energy Sources: (VHS-20 Minutes)

The focus of this video is controlling hazardous energy sources, or lockout/tagout. Understanding and controlling hazardous energy sources in the workplace is critical to remaining safe while performing our many tasks each day. Topics include: Types of Energy Sources; The Company Energy Control Plain; Authorized, Affected & Other Employees; Proper Use of Locks & Tags; Special Lockout Situations.

Conveyor Safety in the Workplace: (VHS-18 minutes)

This video demonstrates the work practices employees must follow to stay safe when working with and around conveyors. Topics include: Shear Points, Pinch Points, Nip Points & Spill Points; Types of Conveyor Guarding; Danger of Sitting, Standing & Riding on Conveyors; Operator Training & Authorization.

Do It For Me: (DVD-16 Minutes / English and Spanish)

In this unique safety presentation, we witness children using common excuses not to wear safety gear: "It's uncomfortable," "Don't worry, nothing will happen to me," etc. Of course, the parents do not give in to these childish excuses and explain to their children why safety rules must be followed. But when the kids discover their parents using those same childish excuses at work, they wonder how their parents' attitudes would change if their children were to come to work with them.

Don't Bet Your Life on Unsafe Acts: (VHS-14 Minutes)

This video examines some of the reasons employees choose to place their lives in danger so we can learn to recognize and avoid tragic decisions. Featured are four incidents involving electrical work, confined space entry, fall protection and welding.

Electric Pallet Jack Safety: (VHS-12 Minutes)

Demonstrates safe operation of the Electric Pallet Jack, and encourages use of the equipment in a conscientious manner.

Forklift Case Histories: (VHS-16 Minutes)

The video presents re-enactments of four (4) actual accidents which occurred on or around forklifts and walkies. Your life may depend on learning from the mistakes of these victims.

Forklift Safety: (VHS-18 Minutes)

Shows professional Forklift Operators in varying warehouse situations.

Hazard Communication - Behind The Scenes: (DVD - 21 Minutes)

The host of this entertaining video is the ghost of a worker who recently perished when he was overcome by a chemical he accidentally spilled. He has returned to the workplace on a mission to help other employees work safely with hazardous substances. This program covers key elements of Hazard Communication training for workers in general industry.

I Won't Be Into Work Today - Preventing Injuries at Home, Work, and Play: (VHS - 21 Minutes)

The video stresses that the pain is but one of the problems that result from an injury. Gripping stories demonstrate how families, as well as, the injured employee are affected by one moment of carelessness.

Lessons Learned From Hand Injuries: (DVD - 19 Minutes; DVD - Concise Version - 9 Minutes)

For most of us, hand injuries are something we don’t think about very often.  Maybe because we use our hands for so many tasks during the course of the day, we just take them for granted. Topics include:

  • Hand Hazards
  • Proper Use of Gloves
  • Proper Use of Hand and Power Tools
  • Contains Graphic Material

Office Ergonomics: (VHS-16 Minutes)

A desk, a chair, a phone, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse are the standard working tools of millions of workers. These simple, common items that we use day in and day out can quickly take a toll on us physically if we don't take care in how we position ourselves as we interact with and use this equipment. This program teaches viewers how to avoid the fatigue, strain, stress and injury that can result from the poor setup or use of common office equipment. Topics include:

  • Adjusting Equipment to Maintain Neutral Posture
  • Avoiding Eye Strain & Neck Pain
  • Positions & Exercises that Alleviate Discomfort

Move It Safely: Avoiding Injury While Moving Materials: (Standard Version DVD-20 Minutes or Concise Version DVD-10 Minutes)

Two of the main causes of injuries to material handling workers are attempting to show off to their co-workers and not wanting to take time to get the proper equipment or ask for help. This leads to workers struggling to lift and carry materials which are too heavy to be moved safety. In order to move objects safely, employees must be well trained in safe material handling techniques while also maintaining the proper attitude and state of mind to use their training each time they lift or move an object. This program discusses the techniques, precautions and safe work practices you can follow so that when an object must be moved, you are able to "move it safely."

Protect Your Head: (VHS-9 Minutes)

Head injuries are the leading cause of death due to trauma. How many of your employees really know what happens when a brain is injured, and how the injured person and their families will be affected.

To The Point About Bloodborne Pathogens: (DVD-12 Minutes / English and Spanish)

Bloodborne pathogens are tiny microorganisms found in human blood or other bodily fluids that can cause diseases in humans. Controlling our exposure to bloodborne pathogens can prevent these diseases and save lives. This program discusses the components of an Exposure Control Plan and safe work practices that protect employees from exposure. Topics include occupational exposure, routes of entry, universal precautions, handling potentially infectious material and responding to an exposure.

To The Point About Confined Space Entry: (DVD-12 Minutes / English and Spanish)

Conditions that exist inside confined spaces such as manholes, tanks, vessels, pits and similar areas can hurt or kill workers. Controlling access to confined spaces and the hazards they contain can prevent injuries and save lives. This program details the steps outlined in the Confined Space Entry program that are designed to keep confined space workers safe. Topics include the confined space entry permit, atmospheric hazards, atmospheric testing and monitoring and duties of the entry team members.

To The Point About Lockout/Tagout: (DVD-13 Minutes / English and Spanish)

The unexpected starting of machines or other unplanned releases of hazardous energy can have devastating consequences. Controlling hazardous energy can prevent injuries and save lives. This program explains the procedures workers must follow to protect themselves during lockout operations. Topics include employee designations, situations requiring lockout, lockout/tagout devices, energy control procedures and returning equipment to service.

To The Point About Personal Protective Equipment: (DVD-12 Minutes / English and Spanish)

When our body parts are exposed to certain hazards there is a potential for bodily harm to occur. Properly selecting and wearing personal protective equipment can reduce or eliminate this exposure, prevent injuries and save lives. This program reviews the basic types of personal protective equipment and how to wear it to prevent injuries. Topics include hard hats, hearing protection, eye and face protection, gloves and foot protection.

To The Point About Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls: (DVD-11 Minutes / English and Spanish)

Workplace falls are a leading cause of injury and even a small fall can have very serious consequences. Identifying and correcting fall hazards combined with paying close attention to our paths of travel can prevent these injuries and save lives. This program outlines the common safe work practices workers can follow to prevent slips, trips and falls. Topics include the effects of gravity, friction and momentum, wearing proper footwear and preventing slips and trips.

To The Point About Safe Forklift Operation: (DVD-12 Minutes / English and Spanish)

Unsafe operation of forklifts often contributes to property damage and employee injuries. Ensuring that drivers operate forklifts in a safe manner can prevent injuries and save lives. This program reviews the proper operating procedures forklift operators must follow to keep themselves and their co-workers safe. Topics include operator training and certification, pre-operational inspection, maintaining a truck’s stability, lifting and placing loads, safe driving techniques and loading docks and trailers.

Safety's Most Wanted: (DVD - 18 Minutes)

In this episode of "Safety's Most Wanted," it investigates the tendencies and modes of operation of three injury instigators: Uncorrected Hazards, Shortcuts and Complacency. Through undercover interviews, victim statements and reenactments, viewers will see how these culprits contribute to injuries and fatalities in our workplaces and homes.

Silly Little Risks - Talking to Teens: (VHS-20 Minutes)

Remember when you were a teenager? Invincible! Right? Drives the point home with drama and humor and by fostering responsibility for and recognition of everyone who is affected by wrong choices. From skateboards to drinking and driving. Likewise, this video talks about adult choices, and the employee's responsibility to protect its workers and the workers' right to refuse dangerous work.

Understanding & Preventing Eye Injuries: (DVD - 10 Minutes)

About 2,000 workplace eye injuries requiring medical attention occur each day. Most of these injuries are suffered by employees not wearing eye protection or wearing the wrong protective devices for the job. This program emphasizes the importance of wearing the proper protection when eye injury hazards are present so employees can avoid needless burns, punctures, foreign objects and other threats to their vision.

Understanding & Preventing Ladder Accidents: (DVD - 10 Minutes)

Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries in the U.S. relating to ladders. The unfortunate truth is that all of these injuries are preventable; by following a few simple guidelines and procedures you can work safely on ladders and avoid becoming a statistic. The purpose of this program is to review basic guidelines and procedures so your employees can prevent ladder-related mishaps.

What's Driving You?: (DVD & VHS - 11 Minutes)

This video shows you how common driving behaviors contribute to stress, aggressive driving, and - if unchecked - road rage.