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LIIB-119 Instructions

Obtaining Copies of Industrial Board Plans

The Department of Labor & Industry, Industrial Board, maintains copies of all plans submitted for review of variance(s) pertaining to the Fire and Panic and Uniform Construction Code Regulations. The plans are preserved on 35mm microfilm, and reproduced copies are at a much smaller scale than the original plan pages.
Due to building security issues, copies of building plans and specifications and other similar documents are not considered public documents. They will only be released to:
  • The building owner of record.
  • The permit holder.
  • The "design professional of record", i.e., the design professional who designed and sealed the original, approved plans.
  • A third party authorized by the building owner in writing to receive the documents upon presentation of valid identification.
To receive copies of plans, the "Request for Industrial Board Plans" form must be completed and then notarized. Click here to access a copy of this form. Mail to:
Department of Labor & Industry
Industrial Board
651 Boas Street, Room 1622
Harrisburg, PA 17121
On this form, please supply the L&I File and IB# assigned to the Industrial Board Order. If you do not have these numbers, please call 717-787-6114. The request should indicate the building name and address, and the county and political subdivision in which it is located.
Upon receipt of a correctly completed form, the Industrial Board will determine how many pages of plans exist and inform the requestor of the fee that must be paid.
The current charge for plan copies is $5.00 per page (includes mailing expense). A check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should be mailed to the address listed above.
Upon receipt of this payment, the plans will be mailed to the requestor or designated third party.
Incorrectly completed forms will be returned by mail for correction and resubmission.