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Appeal/Variance/Extension of Time Request Procedure

To make an application, a copy of the Elevator Safety Board Petition LIIB-112 must be submitted along with the items specified on the form.

There is no cut off for the submission of a petition. Petitions are reviewed in the date in which they are received. If applicable, the petitioner may request an expedited review. If the petitioner requests an expedited review, please check the “EXPEDITED REVIEW” box located at the top of the appropriate form. An expedited review will require an additional fee payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Complete applications requesting an expedited review will be reviewed by a plans reviewer within 7 days of receipt of the application and fee. The petition will then be voted upon by the Elevator Safety Board at the next scheduled meeting. Any expedited petitions submitted for the next Elevator Safety Board meeting must be received, reviewed by a plans reviewer and submitted back to the Elevator Safety Board office by 10:00 a.m. the business day before the scheduled meeting.

Board staff review any applications (petitions) submitted to the Board. If a submission is deficient (i.e. lacks plans, required fee or other information) the Board will return the submission to the petitioner. The Board endeavors to act upon complete submissions within 60 days.

If a hearing is necessary, the Board will notify the petitioner in writing of the date, time and location of the hearing. Otherwise, the petition will be presented to the Board as a recommendation or direct action at a regularly scheduled meeting. After the Board renders a decision, an Elevator Safety Board Order is issued to the petitioner.

Information on the Elevator Plan Review and Inspection Requirements, including the review process, is available here.

All petitions submitted to the Elevator Safety Board must be submitted on the appropriate form. Please contact the Elevator Safety Board office at 717-787-6114 or with any questions or concerns.